Into the Pines

CLEVELAND SCENE MAGAZINE - 14 Bands to Watch in 2016 (12/15)

Our picks for the local bands you should pay attentioN TO IN THE NEW YEAR 


Songwriters Justin Miller and Kurt Eyman started this terrific indie rock group last winter when Miller bought a house in Lakewood and started building a home studio. The two began collaborating on songwriting duties and then independently recorded the group's debut album, Into the Pines, which draws equally from folk, indie rock and pop. They've described the band as a "journey to share its unique blend of songs that embody the landscape, cultural identity and sound of the Great Lakes region." "Lyrically, a lot of things are inspired by the environment around us and the different emotions that brings from the region," explains Miller. "We try to play on that. Musically or instrumentally, I don't know if that applies as much. We're trying to develop what our sound will be, but I want to move toward more ambient music and more abstract and darker music that comes from the wintertime and how that shapes our thoughts." The band cites Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes as influences, and the music certainly has an atmospheric quality as in a song such "Indigo Kids," where the band puts earnest vocals up front in the mix while presenting a balance of acoustic guitars, vintage sounding keyboards and piano. "Laniakea" features a vibrant violin riff courtesy of Molly Connolly, who's collaborated with the like-minded local indie rock act the Lighthouse and the Whaler. Miller says fans should expect to hear more of the ambient textures the band explores on "Klop," a track that includes percolating synthesizers. "I want the sound to become more dynamic," he says. "We just added a trumpet player, and he knows some of the string and brass players in town." The band has started writing songs for a new album it hopes to put out in 2016. (Niesel)


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